YouTube Affirms New Friendly Rules for Creators, Getting Steady in 2020

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Youtube, known as a platform for openness, has its challenges. Updates continue to be made as a guide used by creators. Most recently, the update includes a policy on hate speech and a policy about harassment that will be enacted soon. When creating places designed to accept multiple points of view, there must be some that violate boundaries.

“Some elements will try to exploit the platform for their own benefit, even though we have tried to create a system to stop them,” said YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki through his official statement. The more problems that arise, the more pressure from policy makers, the press and experts to question whether an open platform is truly useful, or even appropriate. However, he added, despite all these worries, being trusted in maintaining an open platform was now more important than before. First, openness opens opportunities. “Today’s creators have built the entire creative economy and redefined the face of the media. They have truly become a new generation of media businesses, with millions of views and global brands, which contribute to the local and global economy, and create jobs,” Susan explained . YouTube creators have created 28,000 full-time jobs. Worldwide, the channel which generates more than 100,000 US dollars annually continues to grow by as much as 40 percent year on year.

In addition, openness helps maintain the community. On an open platform, sharing experiences can unite people in extraordinary ways. Then, openness can be a way for learning. “Every time I meet new people and ask them about YouTube, I hear stories about something they have learned on this site,” he said. He admitted, sometimes YouTube must let content that is not mainstream, full of controversy, or even offensive. “But I believe that listening to various perspectives will ultimately make us a stronger and more knowledgeable society, even though we disagree with some of these views,” he explained. Most ways to protect openness are not only with guidelines that allow differences in expressing opinions, but also with steps taken to ensure responsible communities. There is only less than one percent of problematic content on YouTube and efforts are being made to reduce it. However, this very small amount has a very large impact, both on the potential danger to users, as well as the loss of trust in an open model that enables the emergence of creative communities. “One of the assumptions we have heard is that we are hesitant to take action on content that is problematic because the content benefits our business. This is not true!” Susan stressed.

In fact, he explained, the result of not taking adequate action in the long run caused a lack of trust from users, advertisers, and users, as well as our creators. YouTube’s new policy includes removing content that violates the policy as soon as possible. “We always try to make our policies clearer and more effective, as we have done with pranks and challenges, child safety and hate speech this year,” he said. YouTube also puts forward official news sources when people are looking for news or information, especially during the latest important news moments. “The gallery of important news and our headlines is available in 40 countries and we are continuing to expand it,” he said. Do not stop there, YouTube also reduces the spread of content that almost violates the policy.

“We have done it in the US by making changes to the recommendations earlier this year, and as a result the content of this type of content came from recommendations down 50 percent. We started to try this change in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, and other markets that use English “Susan explained. YouTube also sets higher standards on which channels can make money and only rewards decent and trusted creators. “Not all content permitted on YouTube is suitable for advertisers who want to market their brand. Our job is to maintain the right balance between openness and responsibility, so that future generations of creators and users can also do it,” he said.
judul gambar
judul gambar

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