SEO Is Not Top Priority When Writing Blog

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Good morning friends Blogger, early this morning I want to ask you, whether you are an author of a blog or website? So what do you expect from your blog or website ?
I believe the answers you give will be the same as my answer, want a blog that we manage have high traffic in the eyes of search engines like google, then what do you do to get all that? I am sure you all of study the techniques of SEO, its the same thing as me, let alone a new blog author.
See other blogs that have been successful, see how they can achieve that success, right…? Honestly do not be shy.
Using the Way It Should not Be (Sly)
Are you among those who use tricks like this…? You must know, there are millions and even billions of blogs that compete to reach the top positions in the search engines, so fishing novices to use improper means done, the name of the shortcut, for example, build BackLink in excess, copying other people’s articles, making spam in another blogger comments with links are not in place.

You now do not worry about doing so, but surely someday, your blog will kick by google, punishment from google and SERP, you need to remember and understand, that you are now in the domain of Google, basically we just went silent in google, you agree to this need.

SEO Is Not Top Priority
Who you write the content? does not need to answer because I already know your answer, most of us, to make writing only for machines not for readers, we sacrifice good writing and really only for a machine that will never understand the meaning of our writing, machines only understand the snippet,
While we should write for the reader, the reader is a human, not machines, those who really need our writing (update) the engine is not.
Writing is an art, we can create a lot of beauty through our writing, while the machines do not understand art, they only understand numbers 0 and the 1. Instill in us that we are writing for humans not just for machines.
Indeed, SEO is important and indeed we need to be no.1 in the search engines, but do not focus on SEO, remember we wrote it a priority to create information and not to be a resident of the first page of search engines.
If indeed we fail in SEO, don’t despair, clean tricks without any additional coding, when success will be the success it enjoyed in a long time, believe me.
Even if we never destined for success in the search engines, cultivate in our hearts that we have tried, and provide information, not pushed through SEO techniques.
Believe my words, if we regularly write articles us, it is not impossible that one day we will succeed through our blog, confident, patient and keep writing our articles for a reader letters, not for the reader numbers.
judul gambar
judul gambar

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